I was born and raised in London, the city dreamed of by many. My dream though, is of places unknown to me, random encounters that lead me from one road to another, ending up somewhere else.

This online journal of images is my attempt at freezing the sights, and emotions as I move along. Know by now that I am no pro photographer, but every snap that I share here, holds a valuable moment in my journey. I go in search of nature at its purest, moments of gazing under the starry nights, curious eyes staring at me while I take a glimpse into their lives, and all the other precious moments of life whether it be in solitude or sharing it with new found company.

I share these images with you because photography is meant to be shared, allowing the viewer to be transported to wherever it may be. Viewing other photographers work was what initially kick started my interest and desire to explore the world. I hope that even just some of you too, will feel the same way looking at my shots.

My name is Mark Booker, I am an adventure freak and a dreamer. Perhaps you find this right now because you are a dreamer, too.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. in some days, I’d pretend I’m wearing your eyes, 🙂

    *throws wild flowers at you*

  2. holmesphotog on said:

    Great blog, very personal. Love it!

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